Queicon.png There are two conflicting canon sources for this article, from The Godfather Returns and The Family Corleone.

Willie 'The Icepick' Russo was a Chicago Outfit soldato and brother of the later family boss Louie Russo.


Russo gained his nickname for his skill with an icepick, which he was known to have used against several rivals. He rose through the family ranks with his brother Luigi 'Louie' or 'Fuckface' Russo, and their friend Frank Falcone, who became the Don of Los Angeles.

During the Olive Oil War, Salvatore Maranzano asked Al Capone for help in dealing with a young upstart olive oil salesman, Vito Corleone. Russo and an associate were sent out to deal with Corleone, but they were captured by Luca Brasi, who proceeded to hack one of the men to death with an axe, whilst the other ended up choking to death on the towel he had been gagged with. Shocked by this incident, Capone made no repercussions and pulled out of the conflict.

Behind the scenes

In The Godfather Returns, Russo is the second of the men sent by Capone. However in The Family Corleone, this role is filled by Joey Daniello.

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