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William Van Arsdale III
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1935
Died 1962
Affiliation Van Arsdale

William Brewster Van Arsdale III was the heir to the Van Arsdale Citrus fortune and the husband of Francesca Corleone.


William Van Arsdale was born in New York in 1935 to William Van Arsdale II. His family made a fortune selling citrus juice for many businessmen, including Vito Corleone. He had one brother George, and was raised by a family servant, a Negro woman who committed suicide after her son was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.

Billy and FrancescaEdit

He met Vito Corleone's granddaughter and Sonny Corleone's daughter, Francesca in 1955, while attending college. They were married a couple of years later, when Francesca became pregnant after a rendezvous. She gave birth to William Brewster Van Arsdale IV, whom they called 'Sonny'. Shortly after, it was revealed that William had secretly been collecting evidence against the Corleone family. Francesca also miscarried a daughter, Carmela around this time.


By 1961, William began an extramarital affair with one of Daniel Shea's secretaries. Francesca never knew about this, and thought that he would not have sex with her because she was pregnant. By early 1962, Francesca learned of her husband's infidelity and spying against her family. Distraught, she followed him in her car one night and hit him, literally cutting him in half.

Van Arsdale's mistress was eventually convicted of second-degree murder for his death.

Behind the scenesEdit

William van Arsdale is an exclusive character to The Godfather Returns. In a deleted scene of The Godfather Part II Francesca Corleone is asking permission from Michael Corleone to marry Gardner Shaw.