Vito Corleone Foundation
Business information
Proprietor Michael Corleone
Mary Corleone
Family Corleone family
"The Vito Corleone Foundation helps the poor in every country, gives grants to artists, funds medical research, and is particularly dedicated to the resurrection of Sicily."
Mary Corleone[src]
Mary, Michael, Gilday

Mary, Michael and Gilday showing the donation for Sicily.

The Vito Corleone Foundation was a foundation founded by Michael Corleone and chaired by his daughter Mary Corleone, who was more of a front for its criminal activities.

It was a charitable organization which was particularly dedicated to reviving Sicily.

In 1979, the foundation gave archbishop Gilday a check for a 100 million dollars in the name of Vito Corleone, to assist in the resurrection of Sicily. It also received a donation from Don Altobello for one millon Dollars so he could attach his name to the foundation.