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Vincent Clericuzio was the third son of Domenico Clericuzio and a restaurateur.


Whilst in his youth, Vincent learnt the family trade like his brothers and was used as a "bruglione" by his father. He was admired for his pragmatism, and never let emotions cloud his judgment. However he began to spend more time at his legitimate profession, that of a restaurateur. He was a skilled chef, having been taught how to cook by his mother and learned cooking professionally in Europe. He was involved in the close of the Santadio war at the age of twenty-five, helping his brothers and cousin eliminate the entire Santadio family.

Later years

Vincent, shot in his own kitchen.

"Are you new here?I haven't seen you before..."
―Vincent Clericuzio before being killed[src]

After the war, the Don dispatched Vincent to open a restaurant in New York City. He opened up a second one in Long Island and even had his own cooking show for a brief while. When Giorgio became the new Don, Vincent briefly served as his underboss until he was murdered, shot in his own kitchen. Shortly before this time, Petie was also killed, as was Cross's wife Athena Aquitane. Cross returned to take his position as underboss and to seek out the murderers within the family.

His children however, had nothing to do with the family business.

Personality and traits

A dour individual, hating small talk, Vincent was somewhat impetuous, questioning his father's decision to move him into legal businesses. Once settled, he became determined to enjoy his old age and avoid slipping back into illegal practices. He was however, a loving brother to his sister Rose Marie, and a great admirer of his cousin Pippi, who he described as being "like Napoleon". In all, he was the most tenderhearted of the Clericuzio sons. It was for this reason that Rose Marie never suspected him as having been behind the murder of her son, saying "Vinny could never hurt anyone."

Behind the scenes

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