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The Verona Warehouse or Verona Import Co was a large shipping warehouse located in Little Italy and fronted by Squeegie McNeese. It was through this warehouse that the Tattaglia family had managed to gain control over Little Italy. They lost this vital position however, when Aldo Trapani bought McNeese out, and the Corleones controlled Little Italy once again.

The warehouse caused problems for the Corleone family however, when many of Tattaglia's former workers decided to strike in order to get their old jobs back. Vito Corleone sent Trapani to break up the strike, which led to a crackdown on their businesses. It became the Corleone hub after this.


Squeegie runs one of the toughest locations in the Tattaglia "empire"-a counterfeit racket warehouse west of Little Italy. There's nothing much around it, just the mean streets and a well-orchestrated defensive set-up. One reason for the operation's success is its proximity to peace and quiet.

Behind the scenes

If the player fails to complete this favour before Vito retires, it is issued by Michael Corleone instead.