I have made edits to the Nick Geraci, Vito Corleone and Fabrizio pages, unfortunately I wasn't signed up before I edited the Vito Corleone page, I added the real life sources paragraph regarding the real life mob boss influences in creating the character, by the way, I have a couple of theories bout Mario Puzo/Cleri, I love his writing, I've read almost all of his novels. I still think he knew and had more links or dealings with the mafia than he was willing to confess, then again, why would you? Back in the day you'd only end up with the "fedsso far up your a@##* you could taste brill creme"-Junior Soprano

The Nick Geraci edit was deleted by somebody, I was drawing a parrallel between Dominic Geraci and Dominic "Corleone" , Mind you we shouldn't be refering to him by that surname, it may be the name of the family he commands in NYC but it's not confirmed as his actual surname,

I am going to help you beef up this wiki with as much information as I can obtain.

"Some day , and that day may never come, I may call upon you to do a service for me, until then, accept this,as a gift....."

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