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    So, part iii is often considered to be the worst chapter of the Godfather trilogy, and i understand why, but i want to look at this film's positives and negatives,first off, i want to loook at how the film could have turned out, unlike the other films, it was made much later, 16 years since the The Godfather Part II came out, several things had happened to Francis Ford Coppola, including the death of his oldest son, Gian. The screenplay of the movie has some very interesting aspects, that could have saved the film, Arbishop Gilday was originally going to be a Sicilian speaking Archbishop named Rocco Graziadei, along with his private secretary, "Zizola", i honestly like the way they went wit the movie, Gilday is a much more interesting char…

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    a poll

    January 7, 2020 by North To North

    wait wtf, why is this a thing

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