The underworld is not a myth, nor a fantasy living in the imaginations of the majority. This is reality and this is the world of the MOBSTERS. Crime and Politics are both dirty in nature that is why it was associated and integrated in most of the deep thinker fews. I remember when I first watched the movie "The God Father", I stunned and started to think that yes, I believe in this world.... I personally wanted to become a powerfull figure someday and I can't even tell when, how, where, and who I am to say this ideas of mine. It is crazy but I wanted it.

The world of the mobs are started way back centuries ago, In asia, the rings of the mobs were the Japanese yakuza's and in China, the triads.. In western world, they called it "Mafia" all are the same and it is brilliantly interesting. Some mafias are good (mentioned that they do not deal with drugs), some are bad asses ( complete composition of illegal rackets and includes drugs and human trafficks. For some reason, in order to become a "boss" of the organized criminal groups, I do not know why I wanted this badly personally for myself... Do I have the blood of a mob in my veins? How about you?

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