Trapani's Bakery
Business information
Location Canal Street and Mott Street
Proprietor Johnny Trapani
Mamma Scarponi
Proprietor Weakness Leans
Maximum Protection $1,190
Racket Boss Serafina Trapani
Venue Difficulty Easy
Family Corleone

In 1945 Mamma Scarponi is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Trapani's Bakery was a business in Little Italy that was once owned by Johnny and Serafina Trapani. When the bakery was destroyed by Emilio Barzini's thugs, it was later rebuilt and sold by Barzini in 1942 to the Stracci family and Mamma Scarponi, who decided to keep the old name.

The Straccis kept it until 1945 when Aldo Trapani decided to take it back into the hands of Corleones. Scarponi eventually became loyal to the Corleone family after Aldo executed a drug-pusher who had been lurking at the back of her store.