Tony Rosato's family was a one of two splintergroup of Rosato crime family other being Carmine Rosato's family led and founded by Tony Rosato and formed after Frank Pentangeli refused to grant Rosato and his brother Carmine territories they claimed were owed to them by the late Corleone capo Peter Clemenza.

Tony took several loyal men with him and purchased a compound in the west of New York City. He later used his skills to seize six businesses in Miami, taking full control of the construction crime ring, half of the drugs crime ring alongside his brother's family and a gambling racket.

Wisely, Rosato did not actively attack other families, consolidating his power until a time when he could face them on equal terms and his family was stronger than his brother's family. Some of the members of Tony Rosato's family were also in Aldo's family until Aldo died and Dominic took over. Tony Rosato's family color is black.

Rosato's family was attacked by Dominic Corleone in 1959, folowing the death of Carmine Rosato and Dominic's move to Florida. Tony and his men were eventually wiped out and their compound seized by the Trapani family.

Don Tony Rosato


Construction crime ring

Gambling crime ring

Drugs crime ring


Behind the scenes

  • Tony Rosato's family only appears in the video game. In The Godfather Part II, there is no mention of him having his own family, but rather having a rogue faction with his brother.
  • Tony's crime family has three appointed Caporegimes, making this the family the one with the most capos, but like his brother's family, lacks of an Underboss.
  • Unlike his brother, Tony had to deal with all the other families, specially the Granados family.


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