"Michael Corleone says hello!"
―Tony Rosato[src]

Antonio "Tony" Rosato was a member of Peter Clemenza's regime who later broke with the Corleones.


Entering the criminal life from a young age, Tony and his brother Carmine worked under Giuseppe Mariposa alongside Emilio Barzini and his brother Ettore. After Mariposa's death, Tony and his brother were transferred to the Corleone family and placed in Peter Clemenza's regime.

The Rosatos and Pentangeli

Rosatos Pentangeli

Tony attempts to whack Pentangeli.

In 1958, Tony and his brother began to stir up trouble in the neighborhood of Frank Pentangeli, Clemenza's successor, after he refused them territories which they claimed were owed to them by Clemenza. Pentangeli refused, believing that they were running the territories like a disgrace, and that the brothers were responsible for Clemenza's heart attack. The brothers formed a rogue faction with the intention of taking over the Corleone family businesses in New York.

As Michael Corleone was in negotiations with Hyman Roth, he refused to allow Pentangeli to act, and instead ordered him to sue for peace and hand over the territories. Pentangeli reluctantly agreed, but was garroted by Tony in a botched assassination in a bar in Manhattan, which was orchestrated by Roth.

In the video game


Tony Rosato is killed.

In the video game, Tony becomes head of the Tony Rosato's family after the Cuban Revolution which involves a construction racket in Florida. When this racket is taken over by Dominic Corleone, Rosato flees to his compound in Astoria, where he is shot by the Corleones during a furious firefight. After this, Dominic took over his compound.

Personality and traits

A methodical and patient man, Tony was respected by his superiors, although they never completely trusted him and his ambitious nature. He was considered to be the opposite of his brother Carmine, although neither would back down once challenged, and Tony was not afraid to personally confront his enemies. He was a man of few words, unlike his brother, preferring to use actions to settle conflicts.

Behind the scenes

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