Tony Bianchi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1896
Died 1955
Affiliation Tattaglia family
Title(s) Caporegime
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Paulino (voice)
"Bianchi, I wanted you to hear the voice of your killer."
"Heh. You're so funny that I think I'll kick your ass.
Aldo Trapani and Tony Bianchi

Tony Bianchi was the Tattaglia family's senior caporegime.


The oldest, more experienced and senior of the three caporegimes, Bianchi had been a good friend of Philip Tattaglia since their boyhood days in Brooklyn.

He was known to take more than a professional interest in the family's business of prostitution. This interest existed all through his life, and has always been regarded as a good laugh and party-character and important for mainting the Tattaglia's control in Brooklyn among there many Prostitution Rackets.


After the death of his friend Donnie Marinelli, the Corleone family feared Bianchi's vengeance so Salvatore Tessio, the Corleone family's savviest capo, sanctioned his death. Bianchi was known as a regular at the St. Sebastian Hotel, the Tattaglia family's most famous hotel/brothel. Whilst making time with a hooker, he was garroted by Aldo Trapani.


Bianchi's regime included soldiers Mikey Saleri and Squeegie McNeese, who was also the racket boss in charge of the Verona Warehouse, which the family used to control Little Italy. Beneath Saleri and McNeese were Mickey Mancini and Bobby Baretta (who despite their high status in the racket chain could not be made due to their Irish heritage), Johnny Randazzo and Jack Dougan. In fact, Bianchi's regime was primarily known as the Irish mob.

Bianchi was known to have a large cadre of followers who were loyal, but dangerous. His most trusted soldiers were garroted along with their boss in the hotel, where, nine years later, Bianchi's friend Philip Tattaglia was murdered by Trapani and Rocco Lampone in the same hotel.

Hit detail Edit

Despite his tougher AI setting since he is a hit target, his bonus condition actually makes things easier since no enemy can escape garrote wire strangulation. All you need is to be patient and look for the opportunity to strangle both of his guards without detection. However, him noticing you can be dangerous, as he carries around Dillinger as his weapon.

Players (Sal Tessio Hit 3): Edit

Tony Bianchi - Once Marinelli has suffered a murderous assault and battery, his close friend and Tattaglia capo must face the same fate. His penchant for the ladies will be his undoing.

The Hotel Whore - Turning tricks at the St. Sebastian has never yielded enough money to be worth the lowlifes and their disgusting habits, but this Corleone caper could bring in more money for this loose woman.

Behind the scenesEdit


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