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Tom is Still Missing
Conflict: Sollozzo Intrigue
Date: 1945
Place: Brooklyn
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family



Virgil Sollozzo
Donnie Marinelli
Mikey Saleri
Numerous bodyguards


All rival bodyguards

Prior to the attack on Vito Corleone's life, Virgil Sollozzo abducted Tom Hagen in order to have him talk Sonny Corleone into a mutually agreeable deal.

The old dinerEdit

Corleone caporegime Peter Clemenza eventually tracked Tom to Joe's Diner in Brooklyn, which he began to infiltrate along with Rocco Lampone and Aldo Trapani. Around this time Sollozzo discovered the attack on Corleone had failed and that the Don was only wounded. Therefore, he decided it was better to have Tom executed.

Fortunately, Clemenza and his men managed to rescue their consigliere, though Sollozzo managed to escape, and drove back to the Corleone mall in Long Beach.

Players: Edit

Peter Clemenza - Peter Clemenza is an excellent tactician, but ruthless when crossed, and he has some of the sharpest shotgun shooting skills this side of Hoboken.

Rocco Lampone - Rocco Lampone is one of the Corleone's top earners and assassins.

Tom Hagen - Verbal reasoning can only take you so far, as his brother Sonny is fond of reminding him.

Virgil Sollozzo - Sollozzo grows poppies in Turkey and transports the narcotics to New York. He has proved to be the Corleones' most hated enemy. But Tom Hagen must be rescued before a revenge plot is hatched.

Behind the scenesEdit

This event does not occur in any source other than The Godfather: The Don's Edition and The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, as in the film and book Tom managed to escape through negotiation.

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