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??? Hagen was the younger sister of Tom Hagen and the daughter of Martin[1]. and Bridget Hagen.


Tom Hagen lived with his parents Martin[1] and Bridget and his younger sister in New York City in the late 1920s. When Tom was eleven, their mother passed away from an eye infection that he soon caught. Their father became an alcoholic, abandoned his two children and died. After their parents' deaths, Tom and his sister were sent to an orphanage. Tom ran away and became homeless until the Corleones took him in.[2] His sister presumably stayed in the New York City foster care system until she was adopted or aged out.

While in college in the early 1930s, Tom Hagen confides to Mama Corleone that he had located his sister a year prior, but she wanted nothing to do with him, wanting to forget about their childhood. He doesn't tell Mama Corleone that his sister also disapproved of his continued association with the Corleone family due to their criminal status, calling Tom's adoptive family "gangsters" in her only letter to him. Mama Corleone reassures him that they are family and she will not forget him.[3]

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