In 1945 Tito Morelli is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Tito Morelli's was an undertaker in Midtown, New York that was favoured by the Tattaglia family. Owned by master embalmer Tito Morelli, it was known to have very little custom from other families, but received surges in business during mob wars.

Morelli's was besieged when a Tattaglia Capo was executed by the Corleone family and was being embalmed at Morelli's. Bruno Tattaglia was there to pay his respects, and was thrown into the cremation oven by Aldo Trapani.

In 1945, the business became Corleone property.


Tito Morelli handles all the dead Tattaglias and this is their funeral home of choice. No other Family's gangster worth his salt would die and end up here.

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