"I want you to go into business with me. I run the show."
―"Big Tim" Snedden[src]

Timothy "Big Tim" Snedden was a former rustler, entrepreneur and associate of the Clericuzio crime family operative in Las Vegas.


A "natural born scam artist", Tim used his ill-gotten gains to open a chain of shopping malls. He was a regular customer at the Xanadu Hotel where he usually brought in about half a million to a million a year for the family.


Big Tim struggles with Dante's men.

However, when the family tried to have sport gambling legalised, it became necessary to launch an inquiry into Snedden, and the results, if published, would have been catastrophic, due to his overspending and large back catalogue of debts. In addition, he had begun a scheme to fix the next Super Bowl. Reluctantly, the family ordered his execution, despite the protests of Cross De Lena, who was especially concerned by the fact that Dante Clericuzio was chosen as executioner.

Watched over by Joseph De Lena, Dante took Tim onto a yacht, pretending he wished to discuss a business deal. Tim began to discuss his Super Bowl plot, but an argument and Dante slashed off his right breast, before dragging him down below deck and torturing him. The body was placed in a steel cage and disposed of.

Behind the scenes

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