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Theo Tatoski was the murderer of Marcy Wavven.

A Greek immigrant to America and a budding playwright, he fell in love with Marcy whilst she was at Berkley, much to the private disapproval of her father, Walter Wavven. However, Marcy later left Tatoski, and despite her attempts to keep him as a friend, he stabbed her in the face after she attended a play of his that had bombed. He then stabbed himself in the stomach, but changed his mind about committing suicide and called the police. Due to the skills of lawyer Molly Flanders, he was let off on the grounds of "temporary insanity."

Marcy's father was stricken with grief following his daughter's death, and vowed he would not run for Governor until he had publicly attended Tatoski's funeral. Wavven's allies, the Clericuzios, keen to see Wavven run for Governor, had Cross De Lena shoot Theo whilst he was on his way to see his girlfriend.

Behind the Scenes

  • His actor is unknown
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