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The Godfather: The Don's Edition is a version of The Godfather: The Game only available for the PlayStation 3. It includes several differences including all the changes made in The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, as well as exclusive content.


  • Three new missions: Tom is Still Missing, Special Delivery and Royal Flush (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • Five new hit missions given out by Rocco Lampone (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New hit stipulations for hit contracts Mario DeBellis, Jack Fontana, Johnny Tattaglia and Domenico Mazza (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • Favour missions and merchant favours (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New layouts for the Tattaglia and Barzini compounds (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • Player can hire Crews (Only one member on Blackhand, up to 3 members on Don's) (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New lines of dialogue for certain characters (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New character models for Pietro Testa, Philip Tattaglia, Jack Fontana, Oscar Zavarelle and Mario DeBellis (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New car models (the tank truck only appears in Don's Edition) (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New melee weapons (shovel, tire iron, flaming two-by-four, and torch) (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • A new weather, rainy (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New line of dialogues by certain citizens. (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • New execution styles (Blackhand and Don's Edition).
  • Five new hit missions given out by Police sergeant Chris Ferriera (Don's Edition only).
  • New Level 4 weapon black market merchants in rackets (Don's Edition only).
  • New layouts for various businesses (Blackhand and Don's Edition only).
  • New layouts for the Stracci and Cuneo Compounds (Don's Edition only).
  • Upgraded character models for Emilio Barzini, Pietro Testa, Carmine Cuneo and Victor Stracci (Don's Edition only).
  • New businesses including Farmers Market, Crest View Hotel and Midtown Suites (Don's Edition only).
  • Two new hubs: Stracci Rail Hub and Barzini Maritime Hub (Don's Edition only).
  • Blackmail missions for Police chiefs (Don's Edition only).
  • Brasi meets Trapani on the rooftops, not in an alleyway, and the player himself must kill Bowery Gang leader (Don's Edition only).
  • The bribed police force fights for you along with the Corleone mob and may even enter enemy fronts with you instead of merely overlooking a crime you make (Blackhand and Don's Edition).

Crime Organizations (Strongest to Weakest)

  1. Corleone crime family (Strongest)
  2. O'Donnell Mob (Second most strongest)
  3. Barzini crime family (Former strongest)
  4. Cuneo crime family
  5. Stracci crime family
  6. Tattaglia crime family (Now weakest)
  7. Bellhop Gang
  8. Hobo Gang
  9. Bowery Gang (Weakest)