The Godfather Empire
The Godfather Empire
Video game information
Developer Oceanside Interactive
Publisher Highway 1 Productions
Released March 1, 2011
Genre Action
Platforms Iphone, Android
Timeline 1940s

The Godfather: Empire is a game for mobile devices.

Based on Paramount Pictures' iconic movie franchise, The Godfather: Empire lets players take on the role of a Corleone family member challenged with recruiting new associates, bringing down rival organizations, and building the most powerful organization in 1940's New York.

The Godfather: Empire puts mobile gamers in the shoes of a Corleone associate striving to make the family New York's most powerful force while doing multiple calculated tasks and "favors" along the way. With over 200 'associates' to choose from -- ranging from mafia affiliates to corrupt politicians -- players alone will control the Organization's recruitment and destiny. However, players must choose wisely as each potential member has their own unique ability to contribute to the organization.

Players can take advantage of weekly content updates for added muscle in their pursuit of street dominance. Players can also recruit their real-life friends to join the fray, adding even more strength to their organization while leveling up more rapidly. Gifting options are also available, allowing fans to unlock special jobs and associates.[1]


  • Play online against other players!
  • Add friends to your Mob to take out other players and level-up Associates faster!
  • Do Jobs to recruit Associates, learn Skills, acquire Equipment, and take out NPC Bosses!
  • Expand your operations by recruiting over TWO HUNDRED unique Associates!
  • Free updates - new Jobs, Equipment, Associates, and more!
  • Further explore the story of the first Godfather movie!
  • Hundreds of different items, classic cars, old-school weaponry, and more!
  • Purchase Favors in-game to give your Organization an advantage over the other guy!
  • Turn-based fighting system - Pick Associates to head your crew and equip your Mob with gear to win!
  • Every Associate has a special ability that helps your organization, from stat boosts to faster timers!

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