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The Falconite was the Corleone family's social club, located in Little Italy. It is where numerous initiation ceremonies were carried out, including that of Aldo Trapani in 1948.

Aldo Trapani is made at The Falconite.

It was also in the Falconite where plans were made to avenge Maria Bonasera, as it was often used as an emergency base. Sonny Corleone also visited this club to make plans in secret with George Jovino, the family's smuggling expert, who later turned out ot be a Barzini spy.

After Michael Corleone moved the family business to Nevada, the club became property of Frank Pentangeli and Dominic Corleone.


The Corleone's social club is an excellent place to find out the latest happenings with the Family. You'll meet nearly all the well-known Corleones here at one time or another. This is a great place to launch a truck takedown or take over a nearby business, with the welcome help of the associates outside.

Behind the scenes

The Falconite is one of the few businesses not to have an owner. only having a bartender. In the official strategy guide, its owner as listed as Vito Corleone.

Real life inspiration

The Falconite is probably based on the real-life Ravenite Social Club, owned by the Gambino crime family, and frequented by John Gotti.