Terranova was a bandit and a member of Salvatore Giuliano's band.


Once a hard-working farmer, Terranova had turned to banditry when two tax collectors attempted seize his prized pig. He operated in the hills of Montelepre, Sicily. Terranova was captured by the Italian Army and placed in the barracks at Bellampo alongside fellow bandit, Passatempo. In 1943 he was rescued by bandits Salvatore Giuliano and Gaspare Pisciotta and joined Giuliano's band.

Serving Giuliano

After joining Giuliano, Terranova was allowed to continuing operating his own group, but his men would ultimately fall under Giuliano's command and they would not launch any money making expedition without prior approval from Giuliano.

Terranova was trusted with several important tasks such as escorting Giuliano's father to safety and guarding the hostage Prince Ollorto. He also directly handled many of Giuliano's other kidnapping for ransom plots. Though his fellow lieutenants Gaspare Pisciotta and Passatempo betrayed Giuliano, Terranova remained loyal. He was involved in the Portella della Ginestra massacre, but it was determined by Giuliano that his part in the massacre was a genuine mistake, unlike Passatempo, who had been paid by Don Croce Malo. Terranova was a somewhat sentimental person with a desire for love. He had a mistress, a widow with children, who he provided for. Terranova was shot to death by the authorities after visiting her in Palermo.

Behind the scenes

In The Sicilian he is played by Derrick Branche.

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