Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 4 April 2020

Your new Wiki Manager!

Hey everyone! I'm Lostris, and I will be taking over from Mandy as this wiki's Wiki Manager. As she told you before, we're here to assist you and this community on a more local level, so if you have …

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DeckMasterV DeckMasterV 23 March 2020

How to get Maximum protection ?

How do you get to 745 on grand news like even with negotiation bonus its not close ? Just curious 

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North To North North To North 7 January 2020

What Ruined The Godfather Part III?

So, part iii is often considered to be the worst chapter of the Godfather trilogy, and i understand why, but i want to look at this film's positives and negatives,first off, i want to loook at how th…

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