Tattaglia compound
Tattaglia Compound
Business information
Location Greene Street and Fleet Street
Proprietor Philip Tattaglia
Racket Boss Philip Tattaglia
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Tattaglia family

The Tattaglia Compound (also known as The Citadel) was the base of operations for the Tattaglia family, located in northern Brooklyn. It was home to Philip Tattaglia's large olive garden and sizable wine cellar.

In 1950's the compound was destroyed by a bomb placed by Aldo Trapani, as part of a plan masterminded by Salvatore Tessio and George Jovino to eliminate the Tattaglias. When the compound was repaired, it became Corleone property.

Appearance and defensesEdit

Despite the Tattaglias being the weakest of the Five Families at the time, especially after the death of Virgil Sollozzo and their two underbosses, John Tattaglia and later his brother Bruno Tattaglia, the compound was one of the largest properties in New York.

It included a large road that led up to a small private park, surrounded by other properties, all owned by family soldiers. The road leading up to the compound was also barricaded, with checkpoints guarded by high-ranking Tattaglia soldati along it, to fight off any attackers.

History: Edit

Although the Tattaglias are the weakest of the five Families, their compound is very well-defended, with only one road in and out of the premises, and a number of associates ready with weapons and behind trucks to stop an enemy incursion. Bruno spends his time here, or at his Midtown bar, the Luna Club.

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