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"I die before I speak. I have said nothing."
―Tattaglia Capo[src]

This man was a loyal caporegime in the Tattaglia crime family.


A close friend and associate of Bruno Tattaglia, the Capo was made under John Tattaglia and was one of several capos in the Tattaglia family who Philip Tattaglia surrounded himself with once the war with the Corleone family began.

He aided Bruno in the kidnapping and murder of Frankie Malone, and helped his friend out of sight to avoid Aldo Trapani's anger. The Capo was later captured by Sonny Corleone and taken to Stromboli Supplies in Hell's Kitchen. Despite brutal interrogation from Corleone and Trapani, the Capo refused to buckle and was thrown from a secret door. Sonny revealed that he had intended this murder all along, and the Capo was cremated at Tito Morelli's. Bruno Tattaglia unwittingly attended and was thrown in the cremation oven by Trapani.

Behind the scenes

He was voiced by Damian King in the interrogation and Bruce Robertson in the cutscenes.

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