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The Stracci crime family (pronounced Stra-chi) is one of New York's Five Families, operating in Staten Island and New Jersey.


Don Victor Stracci.

The Stracci family was founded by Anthony Stracci in the 1920s. He set up a legitimate business front in New Jersey, all the while pulling the strings and gradually gaining influence in New York City.

Business wise, the Stracci family had a fleet of freight hauling trucks. They also had enough political influence to allow their trucks to travel overloaded, which damaged the highways. However, the Straccis also owned road repair businesses which had exclusive government contracts, leading one business to create work for another. Due to Don Stracci's old fashioned nature, they had little involvement in prostitution, but due to their control of the docks in New Jersey and Manhattan, they had an important role in the distribution of narcotics. As noted during the movie's meeting scene, Don Stracci resided in Staten Island. However, the main source of the family's operations was in New Jersey.

The Stracci family ran the gambling in New Jersey and had illegal casinos in the Jersey Palisades. They also controlled the Democratic political machine in the Jersey state and the linen service and waste removal in Atlantic City. As the Stracci family's powerbase was in New Jersey, which was less prestigious and lucrative, they were considered the least powerful of the New York families, but the most well disposed.

In 1955, Don Stracci was executed by Peter Clemenza while he was on the way to a negotiation. After Victor Stracci's death, the new Don sued for peace with the Corleone family.

Stracci family structure (1920s-1955)

 Don Victor/Anthony Stracci 

 Underboss Mario Stracci

 Consigliere Elio Nunziato

 Caporegime Stracci family capo

 Soldato Unknown

 Associate Frank Greco

 Associate Cesare Indelicato

Historical Leadership




In the video game

"If you look into the face of a Stracci, you look into the face of pure fucking evil. You don't wanna run into them on a dark night in their New Jersey stronghold. At first, the place looks pretty quiet: all little shops and fancy parks. But watch out! They're nut-jobs, kid. Tough customers. Best keep away 'til you know what you're doing."
―Peter Clemenza

In The Godfather: The Game, the Straccis control New Jersey, but also own some businesses in Hell's Kitchen alongside the Cuneo Family. The Straccis have the least involvement in the events of the game out of all the families, as they are never the focus of a mission up until the Baptism. Like the other rival families, they approved of distributing narcotics and waged war with the Corleones after the Tattaglias' drug trafficking associate Virgil Sollozzo was assassinated. Stracci Soldiers were later sent by Emilio Barzini along with soldiers of the Tattaglias and the Cuneos to murder Sonny Corleone at the cross-way, though this had been Barzini soldiers in the book and film.

When Michael became Don of the Corleones, he sent Aldo Trapani to assassinate Don Victor Stracci with the help of Peter Clemenza, luring him into an elevator before he was ambushed. The family was eliminated entirely when Aldo later destroyed the Stracci Compound.

The Stracci Family color is blue. The typical Stracci attire is a blue dress suit with a matching blue or black tie and occasionally a blue fedora, while the undershirt ranges from white to crimson. They specialise in gold and explosives' rackets. The Stracci family's crest is a blue horse's head outlining the letter S.


"Never trust a Stracci - they're like animals, believe me!"
―A Corleone Soldato

The Straccis are infamous among the Five Families for their inherent animosity and aggressiveness, though they are held in higher regard than the Tattaglias for their greater capabilities. They are declared to be entirely evil and always intend to cause trouble out of pure spite, making them very unpredictable. They're ruthlessness extends to even their own members, as they will have frequent internal conflicts that can often leave them at a disadvantage against the other families.

This is in stark contrast to Don Victor Stracci, who is a composed and reasonable man that is not swayed by the behavior of his family. However, he is also known as the "Butcher of New Jersey" in the strategy guide, a title he shares with Fabio Satriani, an actual butcher. Victor suggests a desire for peace with the Corleones before his assassination, though this may be either genuine support or a cunning ploy. It is never known with the Straccis.


"The Straccis are brutal. If they ain't fightin' some other family, they'll fight each other."
―A Corleone Soldato

The Straccis have an average amount of power in comparison to the other families. The Stracci Family are considerably more difficult in combat than the Tattaglia Family, but they are greatly outmatched by the much more challenging Cuneo and Barzini Families. Their aggressive nature is evident in their behavior in the game, as they may randomly attack the player for no reason.

In the upgraded versions of the game some Straccis may carry lead pipes or tire irons when outgunned, the only family to do so.

Stracci Family Structure

"The Straccis gangsters are lunatic nutjobs, no doubt. They're brutal, carnal, unique, violent but isolationists."
―Tom Hagen[src]