Stefano Andolini was an assassin and a cousin of Vito Corleone.


Andolini grew up with the young Vito in the town of Corleone, Sicily. He became affiliated with the Corleone cosche and acted as a bodyguard for his cousin Vito when he returned to Sicily to avenge the murder of his family. He later moved to the United States and worked for his cousin's crime organization for a couple of years before returning to Sicily.

In Sicily, he worked as a bandit and assassin. Due to his reputation for ruthlessness, he was also known by the nickname Fra Diavolo (Brother Devil). He was an associate of Don Croce Malo. He was ordered by Don Croce to join Salvatore Giuliano's band to spy on Giuliano and assassinate him if he got the chance. After he was found out by Giuliano, he asked Giuliano to ask his father, the Abbot Monfredi, to intercede on his behalf. The Abbot Monfredi, who Giuliano owed a favor, asked him to spare his son's life, which Giuliano did. After this, Adonlini served as an intermediary between Giuliano and Don Croce Malo for many years.

Andolini was murdered by a officer working under Inspector Frederico Velardi as a part of Don Croce's and the Italian government's fight against Giuliano. Don Croce allowed this, believing that Andolini had become more loyal to Giuliano than to him.

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