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St. Alban's Hotel
Business information
Location 18th Street and Broadway
Proprietor Angelo Perroni
Proprietor Weakness Threatening Innocents
Maximum Protection $745
Venue Difficulty Very Easy
Family Stracci,Corleone

In 1945 Angelo Perroni is forced to pay his money to the Corleones.The St. Alban's Hotel was a hotel in Midtown owned by Angelo Perroni and favoured by the Stracci family for peace meetings. Hence, it contained no rackets which might interfere with the hotel security. Also, when the Five Families went to war in 1946, this was where the Stracci's 'went to the matresses'. In the later stages of the war, the Straccis attempted to open a racket here, but were prevented by Aldo Trapani, who then received ownership of the hotel for the Corleone family.

It was also at this hotel that Don Victor Stracci and his team of bodyguards stayed whilst waiting to be escorted to a peace meeting by Aldo Trapani. Trapani escorted the Don into the hotel elevator and on arrival at their destination, Stracci was shot by Peter Clemenza, the family's caporegime.