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Special Delivery
Conflict: Sollozzo Intrigue
Date: 1947
Place: Midtown
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family



Virgil Sollozzo
Numerous bodyguards


All rival bodyguards

Following the death of Paulie Gatto, Peter Clemenza plotted a crippling blow against Virgil Sollozzo's distribution network.

The strikeEdit

In order to infiltrate Sollozzo's Warehouse, Clemenza had Aldo Trapani hijack one of Sollozzo's racket trucks before hiding several men in the back. Then, Trapani drove the truck into the warehouse, where a firefight erupted. Eventually, all the warehosue buildings were blown up by the Corleones.

Following the attack, the Corleones fled back to Corcoran's Perch. Aldo Trapani then began to destroy Sollozzo's drug fronts across town.

Players: Edit

Peter Clemenza - With Paulie Gatto out of the picture, Clemenza needs a new recruit to do more than just collect his cannoli. He's eyeing you for promotion, if you can complete this mission.

Monk Malone - Monk is a stalwart pal to have by your side during any operation, and his accurate, rapid-fire firearm skills ensure he'll take care of any warehouse thug you may miss.

Virgil Sollozzo - Spotted briefly during Clemenza's stakeout of the warehouse, the slippery Turk manages to escape the Corleones' warehouse revenge plot, and lives to fight another day.

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