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The Sollozzo Intrigue was the period of time following Vito Corleone's rejection of Virgil Sollozzo's deal to his death at the hands of Michael Corleone, which triggered the Five Families War.


Upon his arrival in New York City, Virgil Sollozzo gained the backing of the Tattaglia family to secure his interests, but still wanted the influence of Vito Corleone for his enterprise. When Corleone refused, Sollozzo had Bruno Tattaglia murder Luca Brasi, Vito's most trusted enforcer, and put a hit out on the Don, which resulted in Vito's wounding. However, Tattaglia's futher attacks floundered, and the Corleones managed to fight back, with Sonny Corleone directing the troops in his father's absence, while Salvatore Tessio planned an elaborate strategy to destroy the Tattaglia family's power structure, including eliminating Bruno Tattaglia for good. This all ended when Michael Corleone killed Sollozzo along with Captain Mark McCluskey at the same time and goes into exile, which leads to the Five Families War.