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A warehouse in Midtown, this building was purchased by Virgil Sollozzo after his arrival in New York, funded by the Tattaglia family. From here, his narcotics business was masterminded, although it was emptied following the attempted assassination on Vito Corleone, for fear that it would become a target.

In 1946, the warehouse became active again, as the Tattaglias underestimated the current power of the Corleone family. After hijacking a supplies truck, the Corleones, led by Peter Clemenza, managed to eliminate the guards, while Aldo Trapani ensured the destruction of the buildings.

Following this, the Corleones began to target Sollozzo's drug fronts, which signalled the beginning of the end for the kingpin. The warehouse was never reocuppied.

Behind the scenes

The warehouse does not feature in the original version of The Godfather: The Game.


This warehouse, silent until recently, is now a hub of activity, with trucks leaving every few hours to distribute narcotics throughout the city. Virgil Sollozzo is attempting to expand his narcotics racket from this warehouse and four drug fronts.

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