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Signora Brasi
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Died 1934
"You don't know what it's like or you wouldn't do this to your own mother, always having to worry one of the neighbours will knock on the door and tell me my son's dead, or going to jail. You don't know what it's like, every day like that."
―Signora Brasi[src]

Signora Brasi was the mother of Luca Brasi.


An Italian immigrant, she married Signor Brasi and they lived together in Rhode Island where they had a son. Their marriage was happy at first until he began to drink and beat his wife, leading her to have an affair with local schoolteacher Mr. Lowry. When her husband discovered this, he stabbed her womb causing her to have a miscarriage before being beaten to death by Luca, who later pushed Lowry off a roof.

She later moved to New York City with her son, living an unhappy life, killing herself when Luca was arrested in 1934.

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