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Signora Andolini
Signora Andolini
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born Corleone, Sicily, Italy
Died 1901
Corleone, Sicily, Italy
Affiliation Andolini family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Maria Carta
"But Vito is only nine. And dumb-witted, he never speaks."
―Signora Andolini[src]

Signora Andolini was the wife of Antonio Andolini and mother of Paolo Andolini and Vito Andolini.


Signora Andolini's life was shattered when Don Ciccio murdered her husband, and later her eldest son, for defying him.

Desperate to keep the life of her youngest son, Signora Andolini visited Don Ciccio and begged him to spare her only son. The Don refused, and she held a knife to his throat, allowing young Vito to escape, before she was shot by Mosca with a lupara.

Many years later, Vito achieved vengeance, stabbing Don Ciccio with a knife after killing his two enforcers, Mosca and Strollo.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like the rest of her family, Signora Andolini was fiercely protective of her loved ones and thought nothing of giving her life to save Vito's.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the novel, what happens to Signora Andolini is unknown.

Signora Andolini was portrayed by Maria Carta in The Godfather Part II.