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Signor Vitelli was the father of Apollonia Vitelli.


A native Sicilian, Vitelli married a Greek woman in the 1920s and they had three children, two sons and a daughter, Apollonia, who became known as the town beauty. He owned a small restaurant in Corleone.

In 1946, when Michael Corleone came to Sicily, he encountered Apollonia one day and was struck by "the thunderbolt", an incontrollable desire to possess. He enquired about her at Vitelli's cafe. A humorous scene came when Signor Vitelli first egged Michael on if he had his eye on any ladies in the village, only to leave in blustering anger when Michael unknowingly described his daughter, a very attractive woman in a purple dress with a pink hair bow. Signor Vitelli said that there are no ladies like that in the little town and roughly excused himself.

Perplexed, Michael wondered what he had done to offend the man, only to be informed by Fabrizio that the girl he described was Signor Vitelli's daughter and that the man had threatened to summon his two sons to deal with Michael. Michael called him back and informed him that he was the son of Don Vito Corleone. Although the Corleone name was often associated with intimidation, Michael downplayed scare tactics, behaving like a humble man who respected Signor Vitelli. Michael promised his intentions toward Apollonia were honorable and that he would like to court her in a traditional Old World fashion, in which the entire Vitelli family would be the chaperones. Signor Vitelli grudgingly agreed at first, but in due time Michael had earned his respect. Several months later, Signor Vitelli gave his daughter away to Michael in a wedding ceremony in the town.

It is unknown what his reaction was when Apollonia was killed in a car bombing meant for Michael months later.

Personality and traits

A traditional Sicilian, Vitelli liked to spend his time running the café and serving his customers wine made from his own grapes, as well as gossiping with all his customers. But when it came to matters of family, he was fiercely defensive, particularly in regards to his daughter Apollonia.

Behind the scenes

Vitelli was portrayed by Saro Urzì. His first name is never given.

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