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Signor Brasi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1906

Signor Brasi was Luca Brasi's father.


An Italian dockworker living in Rhode Island, Signor Brasi married Signora Brasi shortly after his arrival and they had one son, Luca. Whilst a warm and loving parent whilst sober, Brasi would often fly into drunken rages, and it was during one of these rages that he stabbed his wife's unborn baby, suspecting (correctly) that it was not his. During this incident, Luca beat his father to death with a two by four before pushing Mr. Lowry, the man who cuckolded his father, off the roof of their apartment.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like his son Luca, he was a violent man who would have no harms about hurting the woman he loved if she had betrayed him. Unlike Luca, he was driven into these rages by alcohol, whilst sober he had done his best to be a caring husband and father.

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