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"I've got some bad news. I feel rotten about telling you this, but Fanucci, he's got a nephew..."
―Signor Abbandando[src]

Signor Abbandando was the father of Genco Abbandando and owner of Abbandando Grosseria in Hell's Kitchen.


As well as Genco, Signor Abbandando also had another son, who moved away from his father in the mid 1920s. He took in Vito Corleone from Sicily in the early 1900s, and the young boy repaid his gratitude by working in the shop, earning a good living, and later, the means to support his wife Carmela and young son, Sonny.

The Black Hand

However, in 1917, Abbandando was forced by Don Fanucci to fire Vito and replace him with Fanucci's nephew Sandiago. Abbandando reluctantly agreed and sadly told Vito the bad news; Vito calmly accepted it and gave Abbandando heartfelt thanks for taking him in and teaching him how to make a living. As he left, Abbandando still feeling regretful offered to send a large box of free groceries to Vito, but the young man gently refused.

After Vito killed Fanucci in 1920, he repaid Abbandando's good will by making Genco his consigliere, and named Genco Pura Olive Oil Company after him.

Behind the scenes

He was portrayed by Peter LaCorte.

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