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In 1945 Umberto Raffini is forced to pay his money to the Corleones.The Savannah Hotel was a Cuneo business operating in Midtown. It was run by family friend Umberto Raffini, who ensured that no rackets were run out of the business. It was also where the Cuneos went to the matresses at times of mob war.

At the time of Michael Rizzi's baptism, Don Cuneo was staying here whilst trying to negotiate a settlement with Raffini, who had defected. When the Don left the building, he was trapped in the revolving door and killed by Corleone enforcer, Willie Cicci.


The Cuneos like to have their Family meetings at this fancy Midtown hotel. There are no rackets in here because everyone is busy trying to have a good time, and the extra heat that rackets cause isn't good for business sit-downs.