The Santadio War was a major conflict between the Clericuzio and Santadio crime families, which ended with the total elimination of the Santadios.

Possibilities of peace

The war finally came to a close in 1969, after Jimmy Santadio fell in love with Rose Marie Clericuzio, the Don's daughter. They attempted to get the Don's favourite son Silvio to intervene for them, but he was mistaken for an assassin by Fonsa and Italo Santadio, who gunned him down.

At the funeral, Jimmy Santadio came unarmed to speak with Domenico Clericuzio, offering his sympathy and the family's willingness to make peace if Jimmy were allowed to marry Rose Marie. The Don accepted, but on the condition that the only family member present at the wedding would be his nephew, Joseph De Lena.

The massacre

After the wedding, which took place at the Santadio compound, the Clericuzio brothers made their way onto the estate in disguise and killed the Santadio brothers, before performing the coup de grace on Don Santadio himself, who was ill in bed. They then took Jimmy from his wedding bed and he was garroted by De Lena, but not before Rose Marie had recognized the assassins. Witnessing this event would ultimately cause her sanity to slip, and when she gave birth to a son, Dante, she taught him to hate his father's murderers.

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