Santadio crime family
Founded by: Don Santadio
Years active: 1940s-1964
Territory: Las Vegas
Ethnicity: Sicilian, Sicilian-American
Criminal activities: racketeering, extortion, money laundering, bribery, fencing, smuggling, murder, corruption, prostitiution
Rivals: Clericuzio family

The Santadio crime family was a crime family in New York City. They were the rivals of the Clericuzio crime family and both families fought a mob war in the 1960s. The Santadio war saw the death of Silvio Clericuzio, who had been trying to broker peace between the two families so that Jimmy Santadio and Rose Marie Clericuzio could marry.

Jimmy approached the Don offering himself as a weregild for Silvio, but the Don instead allowed the two to marry, before massacring the entire Santadio family at the reception.


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