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"I count on you to help our two Families embrace each other as we two have done. You are the dove of peace we must have. Bless you. Bless you. How happy I am this day."
―Don Santadio[src]

Santadio was Don of the Santadio crime family.


Violent and ruthless, he was bitter enemies with Domenico Clericuzio, which eventually resulted in a bitter war, Santadio utilizing five of his six sons, Italo, Fonsa, Benedict, Gino and Louis as his soldiers in the field. The war only came to a close when Santadio's eldest son Jimmy and Domenico's daughter fell in love and wished to marry. Clericuzio refused to give the union his blessing and Rose Marie went to her brother Silvio for help. At this time, the war had left the old Don bedridden and close to death.

The bitter end

Santadio on his deathbed

Silvio agreed to make his father change his mind, but he was killed upon leaving the meeting place by Italo and Fonsa Santadio, who believed Silvio meant harm to their brother. Jimmy finally convinced Don Domenico to let the wedding take place, and Don Santadio gave them use of his compound in Palm Springs for the occasion.

But the whole setup was a trap, and the Clericuzios, led by their chief assassin Joseph De Lena, eliminated the entire Santadio line, including Jimmy and his father, who was given two bullets through the eyes and chin.

Behind the scenes

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