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"Get out while you still can kid, I'm gonna blow this place!"
―Salvatorre Stracci[src]

Salvatorre Stracci was the son of Victor Stracci and partner in crime of Plinio Ottaviano.


In 1948, the Stracci family's power had been much reduced due to the deaths of it's caporegimes, one of it's Soldier's and consigliere, Jack Fontana. The Five Families War was also costing them a great deal of money and men.

In a desperate attempt to return power to his family, Salvatorre began bombing Corleone family warehouses in an attempt to cripple their distribution network. However, this plan of action caused Salvatorre to be assassinated by Aldo Trapani at the Holden Warehouse in the Hell's Kitchen Industrial Park.

Personality and traits

"Never fear Rome, the serpent lies coiled in Naples."
―Salvatore Stracci[src]

He was a skilled marksman and saboteur, and generally wore dull coloured clothing on missions to blend in with his surroundings. He was also the younger brother of Dario Stracci and cousin of Donato Stracci.

Like his father Don Victor, Salvatorre had a violent streak, but without the patience and desire for peace, and often carried out hits by himself. He also shared Plinio Ottaviano's insanity and suicidal streak, and when cornered, was perfectly willing to kill himself if it meant taking his enemies with him. However, Salvatorre did have some compassion and a small bit of heart, warning Aldo Trapani to leave the warehouse before he blew it up.

Players (Trojan Hit 5):

In a last desperate attempt to build on the little power the Straccis have left, Don Stracci's young son is determined to cripple the Corleone's distribution network. He's brought the muscle to get the job done, too.

Hit Detail

Salvatorre arguably has the most amount of bodyguards as a hit target, in addition he is very tough and his guards are stronger than generic Barzinis. Salvatorre's bonus condition is also quite unique, as to achieve it you will have to move fast before he explode the second warehouse (the one he will use to escape). Salvatorre will not fight back as he focuses about escape but will start shooting once he is outside, the best way is to finish him as fast as possible.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.
  • He shares the same model as the Old St Pat's Gravedigger.
  • According to his quotes, the Stracci family could have origins from Rome. However, that could also be just some biblical BS.
  • He is the youngest hit target in the game, probably.
  • In the original Godfather: The Game his name is spelled as Salvatore.