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Salvatore "Laughing Sal" Narducci was Don Vincent Forlenza's consigliere.


Salvatore Narducci was born in Cleveland and was childhood friend of Vincent Forlenza. He rose up with his friend and ran fifty percent of the gambling rackets in Cleveland. By 1931, Forlenza and Narducci killed off all competition and became the most powerful family of strictly gambling in the United States. By the 1940s, he was feared for his temper and many believed him to be a Jew because he was known to 'stab people in the back'. As such, the Forlenza family was often referred to as "The Jewish Mob".

The plot

By the early 1950s, Narducci was starting to grow suspicious of Forlenza and started plotting against him. In 1955, it was he who ordered that a satchel be delivered to a plane carrying Nick Geraci, Frank Falcone, and Anthony Molinari. The plane blew up and killed Falcone and Molinari, but Geraci survived. Narducci visited Geraci in a private hospital and told him Forlenza was behind it.

In 1956, Geraci confirmed his beliefs that Narducci was a spy for Michael Corleone, and Geraci went to Forlenza about this. Geraci and Forlenza formed a plan to kill him, and in the meanwhile, Hyman Roth and the Chicago Mob tried to secretly destroy the Corleone operation in Cuba, and were later also indirectly responsible for the death of Fredo Corleone.


By 1961, as part of Geraci's revenge, Narducci was lured to a meeting in Sicily believing it would enrich him. He went to a cave, and was ambushed, and strangled to death by one of the most trusted hitman of Cesare Indelicato.

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