Rosa Morelli
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Corleone
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Lori Ann Triolo (voice)
"He was drunk. He fell. It was an accident."
―Rosa Morelli[src]

Rosa Morelli was a madame from Little Italy, and associate of the Corleone family.


Rosa Morelli was a madame from Little Italy who owned a small prostitiution business called Rosa's, legitimately owned by her cousin Lorina. Rosa only tended to appear by special requests, or at special parties. Otherwise, her business was run by Carl Satori.

New Year's EveEdit


Rosa and Trapani, following the death of Galtosino.

She was the host of a party on New Year's Eve which was interrupted by corrupt Police sergeant Joe Galtosino and his men. Galtosino attempted to assault Rosa, but she fought him and he was killed by Aldo Trapani, who staged the death as an accident.

Rosa and TrapaniEdit


Rosa after the death of George Jovino.

"Every time I see you somebody dies. But you saved my life before..."
―Rosa Morelli to Trapani, regarding Jaggy's death[src]

Trapani rescued her business again when Corleone family associate, Jaggy Jovino was revealed to be a traitor working for the Barzini family and held Rosa and her girls hostage. Aldo shot him, and Rosa remarked that someone always seemed to die whenever they met. However, she sent him on his way, lucky to be alive. A few months later Rosa asked Aldo to rob some golfers who were in town for a golf tournament as last time they stayed they failed to pay Rosa or any of her girls. Aldo went to the Bowery hotel and took the money from each floor and the top floor he was forced to kill one of the golfers who was attacking a hooker, when the golfer died Aldo got his keys and opened the last room which had the last briefcase in there.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rosa was a charming and welcoming hostess who kept the scars dealt to her well hidden beneath a facade of flirtations. She was also able to handle herself, fighting off Joe Galtosino on New Years Eve, and had a cunning, dark side to her which led to her helping Aldo Trapani making the Sergeants death seem like an accident. However, when surrounded by death such as after the murder of George "Jaggy" Jovino, her facade would slip.

Behind the scenesEdit