"I've been expecting you."
―Ronnie Tosca[src]

Ronnie Tosca was one of the Cuneo family's caporegimes, the others being Mario DeBellis and Artie Manzanero.


Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen,Tosca quickly gained a reputation as an grand master tactician and 'hands-on' enforcer.

Attack on the Corleones

"What are you waiting for, finish it."
Ronnie Tosca[src]

Tosca was formerly is a Cuneo Soldato under Mikey Perroni but after death of Perroni, he became capo of Cuneo family. Tosca began to indirectly assault the Corleone family by keeping the black market dealers away with bribery and strong-arm. In this way, he could not be held directly responsible for any moves against the Corleones.

In vengeance for this act, Peter Clemenza sent his Soldato Aldo Trapani who assassinated Tosca whilst he was getting his hair cut at Tyler's Top Cuts. Tosca was killed with a single shot to his head.

Personality and traits

A smooth and slick individual, Tosca was always impeccably dressed, even when going on jobs. Despite this, he was a brutal fighter and a grand master planner who managed to keep his attacks on the Corleones concealed by using strong-arm tactics on black-market dealers. When finally cornered, he did not go down without a fight, and stoically challenged Aldo Trapani to finish the job.

Players (Peter Clemenza Hit 2/3):

Ronnie Tosca - As careful and intelligent as he is ruthless, Ronnie Tosca stays out of the limelight, running rackets and pressuring black market traders from behind the scenes. Ensure that this haircut is his last act.

Hit Detail

Tosca was only a bit tougher from his soldier, Bobby Marcolini. However, his reputation as a master strategist proved that he is a dangerous threat, his guards are well placed when player approaches him an ambush will hit players who are unaware. Make sure you found a good covering area since once you get near Tosca, his guards will attack from all direction. Luckily, a headshot is all you need to finish the job with a bonus.

Behind the scenes

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