Ruggero Colombo
Biographical Information
Aliases Roger Cole
Gender Male
Born Sicily
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Associate

Roger Cole (born Ruggero Colombo) was a famous developer and real estate speculator in New York.


Ruggero Colombo was born in Sicily and grew up in the same neighborhood as the Corleones in Hell's Kitchen. He was the son of Anita Colombo, whom Vito Corleone helped to settle a dispute with her landlord Signor Roberto. Don Vito also paid for Cole to get his business degree from Fordham. In gratitude, Cole had later made Vito's son Michael millions with real estate development. He later arranged for Michael to buy a penthouse in New York when he returned from Nevada.


Even though not corroborated in any of the novels, he could be the father of Sandra Corleone.

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