Richard Anthony Nobilio, Jr., better known as 'Ritchie Two Guns', was a soldato in the Corleone family, and later caporegime.


He was born and raised in the same neighborhood as Thomas Neri and Peter Clemenza, who he always admired. After he was considered a friend of the family he became a well-known-hoodlum.

In his young-buck days, he was sent by Clemenza to kill a man who had refused Clemenza's favors. He came with a silenced gun, and fired at the man. The gun was empty so he ran around and knocked the man down. He then found a gun behind a whiskey bottle on the man's desk. He took it and emptied it into the man. He was known then on as 'Ritchie Lucky' and 'Ritchie-Two-Guns', 'Two-Guns' is what stuck.

Getting Made

In 1955, he was made and taken into Clemenza's leadership. He became a trustworthy and good earner. After Clemenza's death in 1958, he was taken into Frank Pentangeli's leadership , but when Pentangeli commited suicide, Nobilio became one of Michael's new caporegimes in the Corleone family business. Nobilio was given the task of supplying a weapon for Tom Hagen's mistress Judy Buchanan when she grew paranoid, and thus he was suspected when Buchanan was murdered some time afterwards.

Eventually the business controlled by Nobilio went to Joey Zasa in the 1970s. It is unknown whether Nobilio passed away or retired in this time.

Personality and traits

Nobilio was a known to be fun-loving, positive, and always had a great sense of humor. He was also doggedly loyal to the Corleone family. Ritchie was also quite an individualist, dressing in loud clothing like motorcycle jackets, mohair suits, aviator sunglasses and cowboy boots, and even listening to rock n' roll music. His supposed oddness made him quite popular within the family, that and his ability to get any job done no matter how dirty.

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