Richard Matheson
Richard Matheson
Biographical Information
Born February 20, 1926
Allendale, New Jersey
Died June 23, 2013
First The Godfather Part II
Portrayed Senator King

Richard Matheson was an American author.


Richard Matheson has written novels and short stories, as well as screenplays for both film and television. He has sometimes written under the pen name Logan Swanson. His prose has often been adapted for the screen by others and sometimes by Matheson himself. Notably, he is among the few writers who contributed to Rod Serling's classic television series "The Twilight Zone" almost as prolifically as Serling himself.

Matheson has incorrectly been listed as one of several non professionals who appeared in the hearings scene of The Godfather Part II; sometimes it is asserted that he played the role of Senator King. Even Francis Ford Coppola claims this on the DVD commentary, but the actor he identifies as Matheson is actually Peter Donat. While this persistent rumor has been repeated in multiple sources around the internet, it is not true. Matheson was queried on this urban legend for the recent book "The Richard Matheson Companion" (Wiater, Bradley, & Stuve, editors), where he set the record straight and confirmed that he had nothing to do with the Godfather films. However, famed director Roger Corman, who used Matheson's screenplays for several of his films, appeared in the role of Senator Weekler.

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