Richard Aspromonte
Biographical Information
Aliases The Ape
Gender Male
Died 1955[1]
Affiliation Falcone family
Title(s) Soldato

Richard 'The Ape' Aspromonte was a soldato and bodyguard for Frank Falcone.


Nicknamed the Ape for his great size and brute strength (the origin of the nickname only being questioned once, by a blind woman), he had four brothers. He was assigned as Falcone's personal bodyguard and travelled with him on the ill-fated trip to Lake Erie, where the plane they were travelling in flipped, kiling everyone but the pilot, Nick Geraci.

Aspromonte was buried in Los Angeles, his funeral attended by his elderly mother and brothers, and his eulogy was read out by Ignazio Pignatelli, whose thoughtful words did not bely the fact he had barely known Aspromonte.

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