The Presidential palace was the official residence of the President of Cuba, located in it's capital Havana.

On New Years's Eve 1958, President Fulgencio Batista announced his retirement from here, and the city was plunged into panic. Several Dons, who had assembled for Hyman Roth's birthday party, were forced to flee into the night. Roth himself was transported away in an ambulance, having narrowly avoided an assassination attempt from Michael Corleone.

In the video game

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In the video game, under Fidel Castro's regime, the Presidential palace became more of a fortress. However, in 1959, Castro was shot and wounded by Dominic Corleone in the palace lobby. Since then, security was tightened to the point of impeneterability.

Behind the scenes

The presidential palace in Santo Domingo served as Batista's palace.[1]

Notes and references

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