"There is only death when you face the Straccis."
―Plinio Ottaviano[src]

Plinio Ottaviano was a soldato under Oscar Zavarelle and a key player in Stracci family's explosives racket, making deliveries and pick-ups for Leon Grossi.


In 1946, the Straccis were looking to expand their business empire further, taking part in shady late night deals in the railyards of Hell's Kitchen. One night however, Ottaviano was executed by Corleone enforcer Aldo Trapani after he was known to be using Stracci money in order to finance attacks against the Corleones, manipulating the local street gangs against them. The explosives he was sent to deliver were destroyed.


Ottaviano's death caused Leon Grossi's explosives racket to fail and Grossi struggled to hold his empire together, which would eventually resulted in his death in the oven of Scotty's Biscotti.

Personality and traits

Plinio Ottaviano was a Stracci soldato. Cunning and dangerous, Ottaviano was one of the most maniacal Straccis (the other being Salvatore Stracci), to the point that he didn't mind death, as long as he took his enemy with him.

Hit Detail

Plinio's hit is not difficult but troublesome since he has to be killed with explosive weapon in which he usually out of the blast radius. He is however, tough enough to endure a direct molotov blast and he can fire his gun accurately despite his and player's position, causing considerable damage when hit. Starting from him, you will no longer be surprised later to see a lower rank hit target is guarded by higher rank guards, Plinio is guarded by several Capos with some Soldiers.

In the original game, he is less troublesome than the next versions since he has fewer guards standing by, in the newer versions, some Capos will appear riding a car to your position doing drive-by.

Players (Trojan Hit 1):

The Trojan - Very little is known about The Trojan, whether it is through family or law enforcement connections. He rarely makes an appearance outside a church in Hell's Kitchen.

Plinio Ottaviano - Plinio has expanded his business trading explosives from a Hell's Kitchen warehouse to a known rendezvous point on the railroad sidings between 44th and 46th Streets. Beware; he's supposedly a madman!

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.
  • Interestingly, Plinio Ottaviano is at least partially African-American. This is unusual, as the mafia never admitted black people into their families as made men. This is a possible error of the producers, or he might have proven himself enough for the Straccis to let him "be made". Given their bloodthirsty and violent nature, it is probably the latter.
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