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Aliases:Don Tattaglia



Died:10.July,1955.Brooklyn,New York City

Afiliation: Tattaglia crime Family

First Appearance:Five Families Part I

Portayed:Victor Rendina,Bill Meilen(Voice)

Phillip Tattaglia is one of main characters in 1972 movie Five Families.

He was born in 1887 in Tattaglia village municipal of Agrijento.In 1900 his father Enzo Paragano was murdered and he was immigrated to New York along with his younger brother Rico by their mother Apolonya.They arrived and Phillip has tifus but he recovered soon as way to their apartment they introduced girl named Sinagoza which Phillip fell in love just when he saw her.Some time later Phillip and Sinagoza are merried and have kids John and Bruno,Phillip now plan to build his family.As he walk street he saw boy named Freddie Nobile, which he adopted.Next day he is arrested for "taking kids"and taked to dark cell.And his brother Rico arrived and he was released but was angry so Rico runs to Queens.And Phillip started building his "Tattaglia Compound"-by himself and he meet his first caporegime Virgil Sollozzo,who has his own gang and he know who killed his father it's Vincenzo Tomansio.He arrived in Sicily and whack Tomansio.He returned home while new child Rachel Tattaglia Is Come.Some time later in 1936 started Riot of hoodlums know Don Philip's adopted son Freddie is becoming Consigliere.And 3 years later WW2 begins and John his oldest son is going to war

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